Features of WINDOWS 11 Widgets Personalizations Modes

Features of WINDOWS 11 Widgets Personalizations Modes.Windows 11, So I think, everyone must have seen the launch event of Windows 11 and many features were told in it. But apart from that, they didn’t cover the whole features of windows 11.

So now, you can’t use a local account to run Windows 11 because you need to use a Microsoft account. Along with installation, the two kinds of stuff compulsory are a proper internet connection as well as a Microsoft account. Now windows 11 is 40 percent smaller which means that all the icons are displayed at the center bottom side.

Now in Windows 11, you will see the frosted Glass Look at all the places whether at your taskbar or at the desktop. And also all the icons are gonna be animated which looks super cool.

Now you will not get to see the Cortana button in the taskbar, finally, Microsoft has a social mandate that no one does it. As well as the system tray and notification look clean.


So now come to the start button, then you will see the start button has purely changed and there are a few bad things behind the start button. You can’t group them or put them in folders like you had a pin icon at the start. But the good thing is the windows 11 start button is cloud-powered. This means So basically if you use multiple devices by syncing them, then you will get all the same recommendations at that time.


Along with the New Windows version, You get to see New Themes, New wallpaper, and New cool UI. But there is a more important thing in personalization than that and that is your Multiple Desktop. In the multiple desktop devices option in your os, you can separately customize each of them, you can select different wallpaper for each different desktop, and you can use a set of different apps. And the feature of a timeline has also get removed from Windows.


So nearly, Windows 11 is becoming like a mobile device. Generally, we see a news page by swiping from the left side to the right side on your mobile. But now, in the same way, you will see an AI-powered seat of glass on the left side in windows 11 from now on. And Windows 11 has given a lot of attention to touch users so that you can use your touchscreen effectively. Or you can use the gestures like left swipe or right swipe like on android mobile devices.

But if there has been some major change in the software, then it is the Microsoft Store. From now on, you will see the movie, tv series, and other different on different platforms. And now you will see the whole software in the store and you don’t need to download an app for pc from the website. The major update is that you can install and use all the android applications through Amazon and this is gonna work on intel bridge technology.


So there are a few interesting kinds of stuff that boost your gaming experience. So there is a feature called Auto-HDR which is already a built-in feature and definitely you have the proper hardware. As well as, this technology is presently used in the XBox but now finally, it is being implemented in Windows. And now the games are going to be loaded fast with the help of Direct Storage Technology.

Features of WINDOWS 11: Widgets, Personalizations, Modes,
Features of WINDOWS 11: Widgets, Personalizations, Modes,


Digital wellbeing has become very popular these days. One Plus launched the focus mode 2 years and now you will see this in your windows. And the focus is present in your clock app. Now, when you open the clock app and after opening the focus session, then you can set the focus mode with the time from 15 minutes to 240 minutes so that nobody will disturb you.


: If you want an immersive sound experience, then you need to activate the special audio. So go to the settings, open the sound menu and click on the speaker/headphone and switch on the spatial sound button option. And then activate the windows sonic for headphones and you will hear the spatial sounds


If you want god-level productivity and god-level time saver, then this mode is a must in the game. For this, you need to create a folder with the name of a long string that is GodMode.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c}. But once this folder is created, then you will have every single setting option in that Godmode folder. Over, there are approximately 211 setting options will be available in that folder.Features of WINDOWS 11 Widgets Personalizations Modes

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