Huawei Finally Gets Google Apps/G-Box Explained


Huawei Finally Gets Google Apps/G-Box Explaine. One major issue for Huawei, over the last few years, has been the lack of Google Play services. Huawei’s app gallery has come a long way and these days it does contain most apps that we actually need. Still, the lack of Google Play service means we can’t get access to Google’s first-party apps. The ones that need GM to run. Now in the past, we’ve seen workarounds like g-space to kind of get around this. But they did come with their own set of cons. G-space till you paid for its example, it had way too many ads and at times it was also a little inconsistent. But now we finally have an excellent workaround to get the first-party Google apps running perfectly fine on Huawei devices. hey guys, let’s take a closer look at G-Box in today’s post.


So the first question what is G-Box? Well as the name indicates it stands for Google box. It basically allows you to run multiple instances of an app on your phone and can even do that on phones without GMS. And that’s the part that becomes very interesting for people using Huawei phones. Guys, it’s super simple, just go on to the always app gallery, Search for a Google app that you want in this case. Let’s go with YouTube, Once the results pop up, you see how the subtext says Run YouTube in G-Box. Tap install once you do there’s this little pop-up to the bottom of the follow app that needs to be installe g-boards now head install enough. Then give it a couple of seconds to be done with the installation.


Once the installation is done you will see both the G-Box app as well as the Google app which in this the case is YouTube on your home screen. Open up YouTube now once opened, It’ll ask you for some permissions that G-box needs let’s give it that. Guys the first time you launch an app it will take a few seconds the app itself tells you pretty much the same with this message the first startup needs to initialize Google services. Please wait for a moment initializing the environment. But after this every time you use it, it’s going to be just like a regular app with respect to app launch times. And now we have YouTube and before we play around with it.

Huawei Finally Gets Google AppsG-Box Explained
Huawei Finally Gets Google AppsG-Box Explained

Just jump out and jump into the newly installed G-Box app. Once you open it you’ve got the user and privacy policy agreements. And then a disabled battery optimization prompt. Now the battery optimization part needs to be disable so that the app isn’t put to sleep in the background. So that you can continue to get notifications from the Google apps that you’re running using G-Box. Now you will see that the YouTube app that’s been installe already and also a plethora of other options are available to you to install and run right from the G-box app. Now choose another app from this list, let’s go with YouTube music here and once you tap it you get take to the Google sign-in screen. Here you’re gonna have to sign into your Google account and this only needs to be done once.

You’re not gonna have to do this for every app you install just once and then you can use your account.

And here we have a prompt that basically informs you what’s going on that Gbox is a virtual environment as in per Google it’s some random Android device. So guys, when you sign into a new device you might get an email notification. Basically, the prompt here  informs you not to be worrie if you get an email that says you’re signe in to some random Android device. Because this is a virtual environment anyways.

After the sign-in and also once you install the app, you get a prompt to add it to the home screen. Once you confirm you get a shortcut and it will also show you that this the app is running via G-Box with that little Gbox picks as a subscript of sorts. So what do you guys think about G-Box do Do you think this will alter your thought process on. If you should consider a.Huawei Finally Gets Google Apps/G-Box Explaine

Huawei phone or not. Is it a good enough workaround for you? or Do you think you’re still gonna wait? And see, if things change or are you already fine with just using the app gallery. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and with that, I guess it’s time for me to beat you with you we are at the end.Huawei Finally Gets Google Apps/G-Box Explaine

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