IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023


Today we are going to discuss a brand new phone which is IQOO NEO 7. IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023. Neo 7 is going to be launched on 16th Feb 2023 and the date is already final. This pretty phone will be the successor of NEO 6. If you know or if you don’t know, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset processor which had been seen in the NEO 6 edition of IO, and the power and its performance were also amazing. But IQOO NEO 7 is coming with a new India’s 1st processor chipset that name is MTK Density 8200.

Talking about the pricing, the NEO 6 was launche on Jan 30th, but it is generally available between the 26th to 28th. And the price of NEO 7 is gonna be the same as the previous one. So let us see, how much the market will be capture by IQ NEO 7. So if you want to purchase a new phone in the future, so you should just wait for this beautiful stuff. This phone is featuring you a 3D super cooling system so that it will take proper control of the heat.IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023


If you’re looking to buy a flagship phone or a high performance phone right now, well then stop right there because this phone is going to be a killer like in 2020. The the best overall phone was IQ 7 & last year in 2021 the best overall phone was IQ Neo 6. and this right here is the unreleased icon Neo 7. If leaks & rumors are to be believe, it could be price somewhere around 30,000 INR. So will this be a good upgrade over IQ Neo 6.

First, you get a big box of NEO 7. Inside, you get thephone a transparent case, 120 watt charger, type c to type c cable and a very weak Sim ejector tool. Well, it’s a big phone and it’s actually wide like definitely not a 100 phone but surprisingly, it is not very heavy like see here on the weighing machine, it is showing like almost 199 grams like the sides as well as the back is made from plastic speaking of the back. It has a really cool leather type texture.


So that’s nice, you get a premium feel when you’re holding it on the front. You get a 6.78 inch full HD, 120hz AMOLED display and you can play a 4K video from YouTube and it will look so good vibrant and sharp even. If you tilt the display, there is no color change or anything and we have this device to measure the brightness of the display and it shows almost 1500 nits Peak brightness and that is an upgrade. Because the IQ Neo 6 was only around 1300 nits, so if we use the phone outside under direct sunlight. The icons and everything is pretty visible and you also get ideas and it is DFS in-display fingerprint scanner.IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023

IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023
IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023

As well as, you do get an in-display fingerprint scanner and it is quite fast like any other idfs out there. There are also dual speakers. The sound is good, the vocals are clear and all but 70 of the volume is coming from the bottom speaker and only 30 percent


And coming to the camera, you get a 50 megapixel main sensor and this is a very popular and premium sensor. You usually get in phones like nothing phone 1 and OnePlus 10 are, so the photos come out good sharp if you zoom in it slightly boosts the skin tone and the overall colors. Like it tries to make your face more bright and fair. And the interesting part about good HDR photos against bright sunlight.

You get an 8-megapixel Ultra wide angle camera which is a typical 8 megapixel Ultra-wide outdoor. It takes good photos and of course, you get these 2 megapixel macro camera and you get a 16-megapixel front selfie camera that can record in 1080P 30fps. I mean, it’s 2022 people make shots and reels with the front camera. It’s about time, you should get 4k recording but the photos and selfies come out really good. The HDR is also good so overall a very good selfie camera.IQOO Neo 7 Smartphone Review 2023


This smartphone comes with the new diamond City 9000 plus processor, 8GB lpddr5x RAM and 256 GB ufs 3.1 storage. And day-to-day usage like opening apps watching video and all of that they all performed, very smooth, there is no lag or slow down. Like we ran this CPU throttling test it runs the phone at 100 for a long time and you can see the graph is all green. But we’ll see how Epix Legend performs, so we’ll play at Ultra HD 60 FPS because why not Flagship processor.

Gameplay is really good like getting constant 60 FPS, so yeah performance is really good and as per rumors I could use 7 when it launches in India it will come with Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 and that is a really solid processor.

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