Top 5 Web Series To Watch in 2023

5. Warrior Nun (American fantasy drama series)

Top 5 Web Series To Watch in 2023. Warrior Nun is an action drama series on Netflix which had started in 2020 to 2023. In this series, we see a heroic character whose name is ava. At the beginning of the series, she is die but again gets alive because of her supernatural powers. After that, she is no more to survive as a normal human because she becomes a warrior nun. She has many responsibilities to save the whole world from the monsters. And now, how she tackles all the hard situation and kill the monster as you must watch this series. In this series, between 2020 and 2022, there are two seasons that have already been streamed on Netflix. It contains a total 18 number of episodes and each episode’s duration is about 40 to 45 minutes. The series is in English along with captions and has an IMDb rating of 6.9/10. Now lets the number 4th web series.

4. Andor 2022 series 

The Andor series is full of adventurous, action, and drama series which started in 2022. In this series, you will see the story of a man name Andor. In this series, Andor aims to search for his sister by traveling from one planet to another planet. But Andor does not know that his sister has died or someone kidnapped her or she has hidden somewhere by herself. But still, Andor needs to find her along with tackling all the difficult situations and scenarios that you can watch in this series. This series may be one of the best ones on your best list. This series has a total of 12 episodes with each episode duration of 40 to 50 min. IMDb rating of the Andor series is 8.4/10 which assumes that this series will not disappoint you. This series is available on Disney plus Hotstar and streamed in Hindi, English, etc audio languages. Now moving towards that best sci-fi web series on this list.

Top 5 Web Series To Watch in 2023
Top 5 Web Series To Watch in 2023

3. The Peripheral (American science fiction series )

The Peripheral is a sci-fi, full-of-action drama fantasy web series of 2022. In this series, you will see the story of a girl name Phili. In this series, Phili is a top-level gamer and she completes any expert-level game because of her mindful abilities. Now once a day, a gaming company sends a game to Phili and her brother for the purpose of testing the game. But the game is gonna be a supernatural kind of game because once they started, the positive or negative effects on your body in the game will affect you in the real world. Suppose Phili dies in between the game then she will also die in reality. So affection in virtuality is directly proportional to reality.

Now, it this gonna be interesting to watch how they survive in the game and the reality, so you must add this series to the watchlist. The total number of episodes of this series is 8 and apart from that, you can watch this series on Amazon Prime. The IMDb rating of the Peripheral is 8.3/10.Top 5 Web Series To Watch in 2023

2. Wednesday

Now my friends, if you fan of underrated sci-fi series like stranger things or the chilling adventure of Sabrina, then you will definitely love this very series. The name of the series is Wednesday which has been released recently. The Wednesday is a comedy family crime series. In this series, you will see the story of a girl name Wednesday. In this series, she goes to a nevermore Academy to improve her powers. Now after that meanwhile, a murder happens in the academy and she starts to investigate the case. Then, with lots of investigation, she gets some sort of dark secrets of the nevermore Academy and you will see the whole series. This series contains 8 episodes and each episode duration is about an hour. This series will stick you to watch it from beginning to end. So you will enjoy this series and you can also watch this series in Hindi audio which is available on Netflix.

1. 1899 (mystery-science fiction series )

This is the number one masterpiece series on our top 5 list. 1899 is a horror action drama series that has recently been released on Netflix. In this series, you will see a ship that has been departing towards the USA. Meanwhile, in this series, the captain of that ship gets signal from a another captain who was lost somewhere for 4 months. After reaching that lost ship, there is nobody else on the ship except a kid. Then, the ship captain and all members take the kid to their ship and after that one by one, the members start missing and this will make this series full of horror and thrill. Now how and why people are missing, you must watch if you are a lover of these kinds of series. There are a total of 8 episodes in the series and the duration of each episode is about an hour. The beginning of this series seems slow but as soon as the mystery will solve then this will definitely trick your whole mind. So you will enjoy this series and you can also watch this series in Hindi audio which is available on Netflix.Top 5 Web Series To Watch in 2023

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